Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Collecting Rover Items

Once I purchased Grover, I was surprised to see just how many Land Rover type things popped up in various places. So naturally, collecting Rover items has become a side hobby to the restoration of Grover.

Aside from hats and T-shirts, I thought I would share some pics of some of my collection. There isn't much to it right now - so if you have anything you want to part with let me know!

Land Rover mud / snow boots. I have never seen anything like this before so I HAD to have them. Besides, they are in my size!

I didn't think $3.00 was too much for a pair of boots.

A Rover sign and various toy Rovers.

The smallest one I had when I was 9 or 10 years old. For some reason I painted it white.

Here's a close up of the D90.

This one is my favorite. It is actually a tin shaped like a 109". It contains about 12 wooden African animals.

I found it at the Sedgwick County Zoo last year.

I was hoping to get a couple more Rover type things a couple weeks ago when we went, but there wasn't a single Rover anything! They were all Jeeps or Land Cruisers.

Here's a close up of the tin.

Other than Grover himself, this is by far THE crown jewel of my collection so far.

It is an original packet of instructional literature from 1962 (part #4487 English Version). So it is contemporary to Grover.

The cool part about this set is that it wasn't an item that went with every new Land Rover. The ONLY way you could get one was by visiting the main show room / factory in the U.K.

If you purchased your Rover at that location they would give you one of these.

Here's the packet.

Series IIA Owner's Manual and a guide book to all the distributors and dealers around the world at that time.

Service Guide and Warranty. The guide part is a general overview. The green book is a more detailed version of the white service guide. Each page contains three cards detailing what needs to be serviced and when. I would assume that when the maintenance was finished one of the 'cards' is ripped out and filed away at the shop. Not sure what was done with the second one. The third one is more like a check register stub where the date, time, location, and signatures are stored.

Only one of the pages is missing. The first one (it was for a free 'check-up'). The date, time, location and signatures were not jotted down though. I figure non of the other pages are missing because the owner figured out how easy it was to maintain the Rover!

Here is a detailed look at one of the pages.

An application and benefits booklet to the R.A.C. ("Britain's premier motoring organisation" as the booklet states). The self-addressed envelop is even included!

Here is a way cool Dial-Map. The instructions are on the back. Just goes to show that no matter where you are in the world it is always "Rover Time"!!

Well, till next time...

Larry !

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