Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Animal Attraction

Have you ever noticed how animals just seem to be natural drawn to Land Rovers? Or could it be the other way around?

Whichever the case may be, I thought some of you might enjoy these pics. The first three are a little fuzzy because I used my camera phone.

The 'Pride' - actually the wife's cats.

If the Rover is outside then there will inevitably be a cat on it or in it.

This is Shalimar's favorite spot.

~ In Memoriam ~

Last, but not least, is a picture of Piper and Lacey. We lost Piper 2 weeks before Christmas of '05 due to an accident. Lacey died of Liver Cancer about 3 weeks after this picture was taken (about two and a half weeks after the car show). The two dogs loved Grover!! They liked being in the Rover even if it was just parked in the drive way.

I first knew they were 'Rover Dogs' the day Grover was parked next to the wife's car in front of the garage. I needed to run a quick errand so I asked the dogs if they wanted to go. They both bounded past the car and sat next to the Rover's driver side door waiting for me to put them in.

We miss them both a lot. However, we now have a new little puppy that is turning out to be a 'Rover Dog' as well. She is a Papillon, as Piper and Lacey were, and is the spitting image of Lacey.

This is Piper. She joined our family when her previous owner's decided they just could not take care of her.

And here is Lacey. She moved in with us about 10 years ago when her owner's decided they just didn't want her any more.

And this, of course, is Izzy. She already loves to ride in the Rover and thinks she should be allowed to drive!

Well, till next time...

Larry ~


The nuts and bolts of me said...

I agree with you. Dogs defnitely think Land Rovers were made for them and we drive them for their pleasure only. I think your Land Rover needs to experience the African bush. If you ever get here let me know :)See Nuts, bolts and me.

Larry said...

Hey Thanks!

One of my biggest dreams is to ship Grover to Africa and go on a nice long trek.

Hopefully I'll be able to take you up on this one day.

Hey, I looked at your blog - NICE!