Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's Been A While

As the title states: "It's been a while".

The good news though is my father has finally relented and given me a spot in his old equipment shop. So, Grover is now up on blocks and is getting prepped for a lot of TLC.

I have been driving Grover as a daily driver, but the clutch just seems to be getting worse. The fluid leaks are also getting worse, so the time has come to do some major work.

That being said, lets get to the pics.

As you can see, Grover is up on blocks and the bonnet is gone.

Once all the tires were off it was time to drain the fluids. The only thing not drained has been the radiator and gas tank. In case your wondering...those are little black buckets collecting the fluids.

Just a general view of the engine.

I know it doesn't look to whoopee now, but it'll get better.

The carb has also been acting up. Grover is no longer wanting to idle very well and he's running rich - at least I think he is.

What got my attention the other day was the dark spot you can see where the hose meets the main carb body. At first I thought it was spilt oil, but this stuff is extremely sticky and thick and looks like it dripped down from the hose. If anyone has an idea what it might be let me know.

Speaking of spilt oil...if you look in the spot next to the thermostat housing you will see some pooled oil. Not sure where it came from but I know my valve cover gasket is shot.

Here's the last shot for the day.

The rear passenger side tire is gone and now you can REALLY see how bad the leak from the diff pinion seal was. With a leak like this - who needs Waxoyl?!?!?

Anyway, that's it for now. Tomorrow I'll start removing the wings, floor boards and a few other items.

Well, till next time...