Thursday, June 25, 2009

Power Wash 1

Yesterday I finally got the chance to power wash Grover.

The amount of crud that came off didn't surprise me as much as the thickness of the crud. On the top of the rear differential the crud was 1/4 thick!

There was also a layer of some sort of waxy substance in various places. I'm assuming this was a form of Waxoyl. There was also a layer of plastic type stuff, about the thickness of a thick trash bag. This was covering most of the chassis. Some of this came off with the power washer but the rest will need scraping. I'm going back today to scrape as much of this stuff off and then power wash Grover again. I have a funny feeling that it is going to take about three washes to get all the crud off.

Well, lets get to the pics.

The first couple of pics are of the front tyres.

This is the front, passenger side, tyre.

For some reason it appears to be wearing funny. I'm not sure if it is suppose to wear like that or if it's a sign of needing aligned. The wear is just on the inside 2/3s of the tyres and is worse on the passenger side.

Here you can see both tyres and the angle of the wear on both.

These last few pics are just some shots taken before the power washing.

When SWMBO saw Grover last night she said he didn't even look like a vehicle. I told her he reminded me of the lunar buggy.

This last item is a small video showing the chassis and engine after the power wash. You can see that there is no rust rot anywhere - just surface rust that should come off with a rotary brush.

If you look close enough you will be able to see some of the black plastic type stuff but the wax didn't show up too well. Also, if you look quick, towards the end, you will see all the crud that has settled in the bottom of the settlement bowl. It looks to be rust flakes.

Till next time...


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