Thursday, June 25, 2009

This Just In...

I had a fantastic surprise waiting for me at the post office this morning.

On June 15,2009 I placed an order for a used copy of the book 'First Overland: London-Singapore by Land Rover' from Amazon books. Today it arrived.

The first surprise was that the book came from a shop in the UK and got here that fast - I thought the seller was here in the USA!

The book I purchased was label as 'fair to good' - not bad for paying only $5 for it.  The book turned out to be in mint condition!!

While going through the book I found two tickets to the 50th anniversary gala of the expedition at the Royal Geographic Society hosted by Sir David Attenborough. I figure these were the tickets used by the person who bought the book. On the back of ticket it states that copies would be available for sale at the end.

Here is the big surprise!!!  The book has been signed by all the surviving expedition members that were at the event!!!!

Hers's the book and tickets.

And here is the money shot - the signatures!

From top to bottom: Tim Slessor, Patrick Murphy, Nigel Newbery, BB (Antony Barrington Brown) & Adrian Cowell.

And these are the guys at the time of the expedition (pic courtesy of Rukapedia).

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