Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Chassis Chemicals Arive

About the only thing that has happen on the Grover front is that the Chemicals arrived yesterday.

I have been spending the past several days working on the half bath in our house as well as waiting for the contractor who was to install our new sewer line. Since Grover is at my parent's place it is hard to be there and then have to run home to deal with any problems the contractor might have.

Whenever we get a package from UPS, or FedEx, the driver stops at the front of the property and deposits the box at the front door. They use to deliver to the backdoor, but they haven't done this for a year, if not longer. Also, when they do deliver it is usually between 1 & 3 PM.

Yesterday the contractor showed up and got started on the sewer. Once they started I continued working on the half bath.

About 10:30 AM I started to walk out of the house carrying a bundle of old lath, with nails, about as big as me. I was being particularly careful carrying the lath through the house so as not to hit, or scrape, anything on the way out. While opening the back door I was paying close attention to it because I had just repainted it a few days before.

Right before I took the first step out the door I noticed something out the corner of my eye that wasn't 'normal'. I checked myself just in time and craned my neck to look over the bundle and see what was there.

Go figure...this time the UPS guy delivered to the back steps AND early!!

If I hadn't noticed something, and went ahead and stepped out, I would have tripped over these boxes. The picture isn't the best, but the back steps are steep. If I'd have fallen I'd have hit the cement steps first and then the bundle of nail filled lath!!

Oh well, at least the chemicals arrived. I wanted to get started again on Grover this Friday, but it's been raining off-n-on all day and the contractor didn't show. I should have worked on Grover today, but yesterday wiped me out.

Chances are they will finish with the sewer line early tomorrow (if they show). Maybe I'll get to work on him after that.

Till next time....

Larry ~

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quick Up-Date

Hello Everyone -

I thought I'd give you a quick up-date.

The rust-preventive coating for the chassis and axles have been ordered as well as the rust converter for the inside of it.

The fine folks on the Land Rover Owners Mailing List were extremely helpful in this matter and I'm sure they are getting tired of all my questions!!

For the rust converter I went with Gempler’s Rust Converter.

I've been told this stuff works great and can even be applied using my pump spray (more on this later).

For the rust-preventive coating just about everyone suggested POR-15.

So, I placed an order for the POR-15 4 Quart Special. They are sending me two quarts in gray and two quarts in semi-gloss black. Per the gang on the LROML it's easier to insure proper coverage if you use a different color for the first coat.

The other chemical item to be used is a homemade version of Waxoyl. This stuff is a corrosion preventative that goes on the inside of the chassis as well. In fact, you don't have to use a rust converter first, like I am, but others do and it's just extra insurance.

Actual Waxoyl is very pricey and a few years ago I found out that there are various recipes for a homemade version. The recipe I plan to use is this one:

2 1/2 quarts turpentine
12 oz. beeswax / candle wax
1 quart light machine oil

With a cheese shredder, cut the wax into the turpentine, stir until the wax has dissolved, (takes a long time; you can use very low heat (a warm room) to aid but be careful) and thin with the machine oil to a brushable / sprayable consistency. Apply liberally. You can use a hand spray bottle to get into closed-off sections if you have a small access hole.

Please be sensible when you make this stuff; don't go breathing the fumes or applying heat and burning down your house. If you have any doubts about it, err on the side of caution and just buy a commercially available product.

I found this recipe here.

There are several more versions out there but they are basically the same.

This will also be applied using a pump sprayer. I've purchased all the material to make the sprayer and application wand but haven't done it yet. I'll be sure to get pictures of it when I make it.

The chemicals should be here by this coming Wednesday so hopefully I'll be able to get going on the chassis and axles soon.

Till next time...