Wednesday, March 29, 2006

More Engine Pics

Here are some additional pics of the engine.

Oil bath air filter, distributor, voltage regulator and rat's nest.

Coil and rat's nest.

Zenith carb, coil, brake/clutch fluid reservoir and the original breather type caps.

In this last pic you can see the extra fuel filter that we added.

Anyway, the engine is a '63, 2.25 petrol. With the exception of the points/plugs/wires and carb it is 100% original.

Please keep in mind while reading this that I am NOT a mechanic, so the way I describe something might be a bit dodgy. My brother (a real mechanic) about fell over when he looked at the engine. The large bolts, located under the spark plugs (I believe they attach the head to the block), still have the factory installed wire connecting them together and it is fully intact! It appears that the engine has never been dismantled. It runs great; purrs like a kitten; does not burn oil; stays at a constant temp of +/- 160F; no grey or black smoke and gets between
15 & 20 MPG.

The zenith carb was installed in the late 60's. I am having problems with it, yet it has been cleaned and rebuilt three times in the last year. It just won't stay adjusted. It will run great anywhere from an hour to a week or two and then stop working. From discussing the various problems with several other people, my brother and I had a check list to work with. We checked for, and fixed, a problem known as "Zenith Warp", along with a redundant hole. Still the problem persists. We still have a few other items to check but are now looking at replacing the old Zenith with a rebuilt Zenith.

You might find it interesting to know that when I first started cleaning the engine, numerous sea shells were found in all the nooks-n-crannies; not to mention all the mud dobber nests!

We have also replaced the starter and the solenoid.

About two months ago we replaced the entire clutch system including the fly-wheel. If I can find those photos I will upload them.

Well, till next time...

Larry ~

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