Friday, April 7, 2006

Clutch and Brakes Part Deux

Here are two views of the shinny, clean bell housing and gear box. The housing plug has already been installed.

Here is big brother and I breaking apart the housing.

There it is!!

We are discussing how we are going to separate the two parts.

Will it ever end?!?!

Trouble with a dowel.....

Dad offering advice...

After it was all put back together I could tell a major difference in shifting. Big brother said that there would be a break-in period, but to let him know if anything unusual happened.

Well, for some reason it started getting harder and harder to shift again. We were beginning to think we had done something wrong. So, we crawled back under and started to go over everything again.

Turns out it was the cross shaft connecting tube. The original had become so warped and warn that it just wouldn't work with a new clutch. Rover's North saved the day and rushed me a new connecting tube. Went on easily and now shifting is a breeze!

Well, till next time...

Larry ~

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