Monday, December 1, 2008

The Hippie Wagon

Hello Everyone!

Well, as of this morning a long time dream has come true. I finally got a trailer to go with Grover!!

It isn't the prettiest trailer but the bones are good. With research and planning it should make an excellent expedition trailer.

I bought it yesterday from a friend of the family who is moving and can't take it with him. He sold it to me dirt! He bought it last spring at an auction with the though of making it a transport trailer for his woodworking shop and never did anything with it.

Since our car doesn't have a hitch I went and picked it up with Grover this morning. This was a bugger in itself. We have had tons of rain this year and Bill has a very low spot at the back of his property - the trailer was on the other side. I am having trouble with one of my locking-hubs going in and out of 'lock' so I couldn't put Grover in 4wheel drive. The ground was real wet, with spots of standing water, but we didn't think it would be too bad - WRONG!! That spot of ground had become a bog. Grover started sinking right away. Luckily it wasn't too bad and I got Grover out of there, but we had to manhandle the trailer over the bog to a spot I could get to.

Anyway, like I said, the trailer isn't the prettiest, but the bones are good. There is a lot of surface rust, but no rot. The guy who owned it before Bill did put linoleum in the bed of it. Even with a topper (which I will be getting rid of) rain still got in and got trapped between the bed and the linoleum. So, there is a chance the bed good be bad but if it is I have yet to find it. I will probably put a new bed in it anyway - just to play it safe.

I am also looking at switching the current axle with a heavier one for larger tires - I don't like those little ones.

Also, I have no idea who made it, what type of trailer it is, or when it was made (I'm thinking the 60s or 70s). If anyone has any info on this I'd appreciate hearing about it.

Anyway, here are some pics. You should be able to figure out why we call it the 'Hippie Wagon'.

I won't be doing too much work on the trailer yet though because I have a lot that still needs to be done on Grover.

So, if any of you have thoughts or ideas let me know.

Well, till next time...

Larry ~

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