Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Progress Has Been Made

Sorry for the delay, but some progress has been made.

What you will see here was actually done on Friday and Saturday. I've just been so busy posting to the blog has had to wait. are some pics for you.

This one is to just give you a general idea of where all this work is taking place.

The following are just so you can see what the back looks like without the jump seats. I might leave them out.

Here's the headliner.

I'm thinking of replacing it with some duck cloth or some such.

Now that the tires are off I can get a better look at the axles and such.

All the oil you see is the gear oil that has been getting flung out of the rear diff where it meets the prop shaft.

So, it's obvious that seal needs to be replaced.

Same area - different view.

However - you can clearly see that the canvas strap is still there!!

Okay - now for some engine shots.

Passenger side.

Driver's side.

I can't wait to start cleaning this thing. I might even paint the engine.

Here's a close up of the pedal housings.

As you can see they are covered in dirt and sand.

Once these are cleaned up I hope to install a shroud of some sorts to prevent this.

Well, this pic slipped past me when I was talking about the axles above.

This is the rear driver's side. It is covered in just about the same amount of dirt as the other side, but there is no ways near as much gear oil. Also, the canvase strap on this side is still intact.

I got more done last Tuesday, with pictures to prove it, but they'll get posted tomorrow.

Anyway, till next time...

Larry ~

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Nick Danger said...

Looking good! Your firewall foot boxes look a hell of a lot better then mine. I think I have to replace them totally. Keep up the pictures and progress!